16oz Reusable Cleaning Hybrid Paper Sprayer Bottle

  • REDUCE PLASTIC USE: Up to 70% less plastic than a traditional rigid plastic bottle of the same size
  • FEEL GOOD MATERIALS: Made of 100% post-consumer reclaimed fiber outer shell and recyclable PET thin inner plastic liner
  • REUSABLE, REFILLABLE, CUSTOMIZABLE: Refill the eco.bottle multiple times with your favorite bulk products or homemade solutions. Label and decorate the bottle with your own unique artwork. Decorate responsibly.
  • RECYCLABLE: Easily separate the inner liner and outer shell for a simple and intuitive recycling experience
  • NON-TOXIC CLEANING SOLUTION RECIPES: Includes scannable QR code with access to non-toxic cleaning solution recipes using at-home ingredients
  • MULTIPLE QUANTITIES: singles, 2-packs, 4-packs, and 6-packs available

Three cents per every selling unit of Ecologic by Jabil products sold directly to retailers for onward sale to end-consumers annually based on Jabil’s fiscal year are donated directly to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, with a minimum donation guarantee of $3,000 annually.


Interlocking tabs along the seams of the eco.bottle provide an easy-to-use, sustainable and glue-less end-of-life process for all eco.bottles.


The 100% post-consumer reclaimed fiber paper shell outside protects the product inside, the most important job for any package.


To recycle, simply separate the eco.bottle at its seams, rinse the liner, and recycle the liner and outer shell in their respective recycling bins.

How the Eco.Bottle is Made