16oz Reusable Cleaning Hybrid Paper Pump Bottle

  • REDUCE PLASTIC USE: Up to 70% less plastic than a traditional container of the same size
  • RECYCLED CONTENT: Made of 100% recycled paper outer shell and recycled plastic inner liner
  • REUSABLE, REFILLABLE, CUSTOMIZABLE: Refill the eco.bottle® multiple times with your favorite bulk products or homemade solutions. Label and decorate the bottle with your own unique artwork
  • RECYCLABLE: Easily separate the inner liner and outer shell for a simple and intuitive recycling experience
  • WATER RESISTANT: Eco.bottles® retain their original shape and color after water contact
  • NON-TOXIC CLEANING SOLUTION RECIPES: Includes scannable QR code with access to non-toxic cleaning solution recipes using at-hpome ingredients
  • MULTIPLE QUANTITIES: 1-pack and/or 6-pack available

Three cents per every selling unit of Ecologic by Jabil products sold directly to retailers for onward sale to end-consumers annually based on Jabil’s fiscal year are donated directly to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, with a minimum donation guarantee of $3,000 annually.


Interlocking tabs along the seams of the eco.bottle® provide an easy-to-use, sustainable and glue-less end-of-life process to all eco.bottles®.


The 100% recycled paper outer shell protects the product inside, the most important job for any package.


To recycle, simply separate the eco.bottle® at its seams, rinse the liner, and recycle the liner and the outer shell in their respective recycling bins.

How to Use Eco.bottles