The sustainable alternative bottle for your home cleaning and personal care needs 

16oz Reusable Cleaning Hybrid Paper Sprayer Bottle

16oz Reusable Cleaning Hybrid Paper Pump Bottle

16oz Reusable Cleaning Pump and Sprayer Kit with Built-In Funnel

Why Ecologic?

The Eco-Friendly Choice
The 16oz eco.bottle uses up to 70% less plastic that the traditional rigid plastic bottle of the same size. It does so by using a thin inner plastic liner and a 100% post-consumer reclaimed fiber shell. This reduces your carbon footprint and reliance on single-use plastics, connecting you to a more sustainable lifestyle, one eco.bottle at a time.

Customize & Decorate
The recycled paper shells of the eco.bottle create the perfect canvas for customization and decoration. Personalize your bottles with markers, colored pencils, paint or stickers. The eco.bottle is the perfect arts & crafts activity for classrooms, youth groups, and weekends at home. Decorate responsibly.

Safety First
Our eco.bottles use less plastic than other options on the market but are also safe around the house than glass. Eco.bottles are shatterproof, making them a smart choice for classrooms, workshops, or homes with young children, pets, or adults with reduced mobility.

Natural Aesthetics
Warm hues and a raw, natural texture beat the look and feel of plastic any day. Feel good about your cleaning and care routine with bottles that leverage recycled content while complimenting your home décor.

Support Breast Cancer Prevention Partners
Three cents per every selling unit of Ecologic by Jabil products sold directly to retailers for onward sale to end-consumers annually based on Jabil’s fiscal year are donated directly to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, with a minimum donation guarantee of $3,000 annually.